The Unders Rules

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The Unders Rules

Post  Blast_lord on Thu Sep 16, 2010 4:45 pm

The Unders Super Group Rules

Rule 1. You must be active every day alot from Sunday to Saturday <Every 7 days> and must not be absent for 15 days or over otherwise you will be removed from the Super Group for failing to appear. Except if you have school, Collage, work, or on vacation but first have to tell us first.

Rule 2. You must be in Super Group mode to build up Prestige for The Super Group. When you reach level 35 and do not gain any influence in SG mode you can either stay in SG mode or stay off of Sg mode to gain influence for personal stuff but you have to work up Prestige for the Super Group tho.

Rule 3. You must show loyality and respect to The Unders by staying on avtive and not leaving without a good reason. Also have to work really hard on Building up Prestige for The Unders so we can upgrade the Super Group Base plot. You must also be comitted to the Super Group not just join and leave for 30mins and less which shows unacceptable commintment to The Unders.

Rule 4. Once you reach level 20 you must do the cape mission and get the second costume to make the official Super Group Costume.

Rule 5. Respect and by nice to everyone all around you even those who are not in a Super Group.

Rule 6. To get promoted you must be on The Unders for at least 2 years and never be absent all the time. Plus have to be tested to see if you are willingly to run The Unders and keep it really big and active all day<24 Hours>

Rule 7. Do not harass anyone in The Unders cause you will be kicked out of the Super Group for harassment and other conducts.

Rule 8. You also must pay the fee when it shows up every few weeks and so.

Rule 9. You must find Super Group Badges for The Unders to build up our Super Group base.

Rule 10 for those who can recuite. When recuiting always announce that our Super Group is recuiting all level arch types and try to make the announcement a good one or a desent one.

Rule 11. Do not edit the Super Group base without Blast Lord's permission.

Rule 12. If you are a tanker try to fight bosses by soloing to get alot of Prestige or form up a farm team but the Super Group has to be with you when you are in a farm mission with a full team.

Rule 13. Always listen to your superiours who tells you what to do like for example; They tell to build up Prestige in a PvP zone or in a mission or just hunting you do it admitily.

Rule 14. Do not add any personal items in the Super Group base without Blast Lords permission.

Rule 15. Always work as a team and a group to keep our Super Group active 24 hours a day.

Rule 16. If you are cought stealing on the Logs of the Super Group Storage you will be kicked off of the super group and will not be reinvited to it.

Rule 17. Do not beg for influence, Salvage, Recipes and farms constintly we are not your mommys.

Rule 18. Always work as a team as a full Super Group for endgame stuff like Task Force, PvP, Base raids and Farms.

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